The Equality Wheel

The Equality Wheel is a tool used to highlight the importance of mutuality and respect in every relationship.

We encourage you to review each segment and its description as an important reminder of the joy healthy relationships bring us, and the underlying principles we all deserve. The equality wheel may also help you identify what is missing in a relationship in your life, or that of a friend or family member, and inspire positive change which may include seeking support.

Our Ambassador

Stella Donnelly is highly accomplished and celebrated as one of Australia's most respected and awarded female singer songwriters. Her stance on equality and respect for women and relationships resonates strongly with our beliefs.

We are incredibly grateful to Stella and the team at Jarrah Records for their generosity and support of Just Cause and all we stand for.


Our 2020 Contributors

Sarana Haeata . Artist

Sourc . Studio

Remedy Store

Media On Mars

Djurra Spa and Salon

Sabine Elbers . Photographer