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  • Dinner table conversations across generations

    Sparked by our educational tags

  • Corporate Support

    Corporate commitment to join us as leaders in prevention raising awareness in workplaces

Tee for Two

Give her the gift of encouragement and empowerment. Our 2022 campaign offers the opportunity to gift a woman in crisis care a tee. By adding this to your cart, you are sending a message of thoughtfulness and support as she finds her way Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light.

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  • Angelina Curtis

    Our ambassador Angelina Curtis has received a nomination for Song of the Year for Danny Blue in the WA Music Awards 2022 for the 4th year in a row.

    This song was influenced by her learnings as a Just Cause ambassador. We are so grateful to Angelina for spreading family and domestic violence prevention
    messages through her extraordinary talents, she is such an incredible young woman!

    "You said I’m weak and helpless. You said I need to vent less. You make me see red, Danny Blue

    You said that I’m a hot mess. Like, I could really care less! You make me see red, Danny Blue"

    Stream Danny Blue HERE

  • Kav Temperley

    Kav Temperley professes that his involvement in our Just Cause campaign moved him to create a beautiful song called 'The Last of the Wine', that touches on the stigmatised topic of family and domestic violence in an abstract poetic way.

    "Last Of The Wine is about drinking and domestic violence and how the two often meet in the middle, I imagined a love story where someone is locked in a room dreaming about someone somewhere else while dealing with a complex love-hate relationship that they can’t escape from, jumping at shadows and flinching every time they lean in for a kiss. At night they stare out at the moon with a glass of wine in their hand and imagine the same moon shining its light down on the one they love and just for a moment they feel alright.”

    Stream Last of the Wine HERE

  • Community Conversations

    Our ability to bring family and domestic violence out of the darkness and into the light has been demonstarted through comments from many members of the community.

    We are encouraged to hear about people seeking support for their personal experiences of family and domestic violence, inspired by engagement with our campaign.

    People have shared their releif in finding a campaign that allows them to share their secret of the impact of family and domestic violence, sometimes decades later.

    The Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence has been able to support members of the community who were unaware of the vital services and support available to them.

Can You Help Us Deliver New Beginnings?

The Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence hosts over 320 children at our safe accommodation sites each year.

Research, together with over 30 years’ experience supporting children directly impacted by the trauma of family and domestic violence, tells us that we need engaging play spaces. Inviting and suitable for children of all ages and abilities, that include calming natural features, places to seek solitude and places that will foster diverse types of play, collaboration, and creativity.

If you would like to support this project further, the button below is where you can help. Please also share with your network of friends and businesses.

Have More Impact
  • FDV First Aid

    A comprehensive and convenient online training program that builds organisational policies, procedures and the capacity to appropriately support all employees affected by family and domestic violence.

  • Primary Prevention Plan

    Development of the first evidence based tactical family and domestic violence primary prevention Plan in metropolitan Perth.

  • Fresh Start

    The publication of Fresh Start, a helpful resource for women to identify abusive relationships.