Your purchase helps to prevent violence before it occurs.

All proceeds directly support the Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence, a trusted thought leader determined to provide long-term, sustainable family violence solutions that will save lives and reduce the cost to individuals and organisations in our community. Every Just Cause product features the equality wheel as its tag, spreading awareness of healthy relationships, every purchase is therefore an act of family and domestic violence prevention.

Just Cause also provides you with the opportunity to increase your impact further through the sharing of healthy relationship messages that change community attitudes and behaviours. Our collective words will remind us of what we deserve in our relationships, evoke thought for multiple generations and may even inspire change. Together, we can work towards delivering on the Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence mission, to build and empower families and communities to live free from violence with a focus on early intervention and prevention.

Family and domestic violence prevention. It’s up to us all.

Family and domestic violence prevention requires a whole of community approach to prevent violence before it occurs. To do this we need to change the behaviours and attitudes that cause inequality in our community across key areas such as education, economic participation, health and political empowerment.

Spread awareness and understanding about what a healthy relationship is

As Just Cause intends, there is a need to educate the community about healthy relationships, we need to talk about each aspect of the equality wheel and practice these behaviours and shift attitudes.

If each one of us plays our part, this will maximise community engagement across all generations.  We will reach a stage where social norms around respect are strengthened, individuals become accountable, and violence is deemed unacceptable.

We will have a world with more kindness, equality, respect, justice and humanity..

Join our ambassadors and role model the type of world you want to live in

By inviting ambassadors to be part of our campaign we are asking role models to share what they would like more of in the world, to remind us of what we deserve in our relationships.

These personal expressions of kindness, respect, justice, and equality will spark conversations that resonate and are shared further, they will evoke thought and inspire change. We must also commit to calling out abusive behaviour, every conversation will be an act of FDV prevention.


Partner with leaders in family and domestic violence prevention

Patricia Giles Centre for Non Violence invites individuals and organisations to partner with our solution focused approach as leaders in the prevention of family and domestic violence.

Together we will affect real and impactful change at a time where demand for our services is unprecedented and the topic is tragically in the spotlight.

  • Primary Prevention Plan

    Development of the first evidence based tactical Family and Domestic Violence Primary Prevention Plan in metropolitan Perth.

  • Just Cause

    The development of Just Cause, a social enterprise that creates campaigns to raise community awareness aimed to prevent violence.

  • Fresh Start

    The publication of Fresh Start, a helpful resource for women to identify abusive relationships.

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    Every time you purchase a Just Cause product you are directly supporting the prevention of abuse. Buy now and share with your friends.

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  • Participate in Just Cause

    Spread awareness about Just Cause and our campaign on social media, spark conversations with your friends, family and co-workers.

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    Spread conversations about healthy relationships and a world with more kindness, equality and justice by holding an event at your workplace.

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  • Become an Ambassador

    Become a Just Cause ambassador to help spread awareness so we can reach every generation in every community.

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  • Sponsor a Refuge Unit

    Make a difference by sponsoring a refuge unit through your business or community group.

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  • Aid our Primary Prevention Plan

    Become an active financial stakeholder in our grassroots primary prevention plan so we can replicate it to benefit more communities.

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  • Help fund our Microbusiness Incubator Hub

    Our Hub aims to reduce the incidents of returning to a violent partner through a self-determined income for those affected by FDV.

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