A world with more

Every time you purchase a Just Cause product you are sparking conversations and spreading awareness around healthy relationships.

We want a world with more kindness, equality, justice, respect and humanity. We want a world without violence. We want a world where no one lives in fear. This is what a just world looks like to us. What does it look like to you?

Our ambassadors

We would like to thank our ambassadors for their kindness and generosity, in giving their time and creativity to Just Cause 2021. We have been overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and passion to share their healthy relationships and to inspire others. Together we can all create a world with more kindness, equality, justice, respect and humanity.

  • Jenny Creasey & Joel Creasey

    Joel has harnessed his outrageous wit, sass and unrivalled storytelling abilities to become one of Australia’s most popular, acclaimed and charmingly controversial stand-up comedians and media presenters. While Jenny is affectionately the source of much of Joel’s comedic work, she insists she is still his biggest fan and was delighted to share Just Cause with her son. Jenny and Joel share a healthy sense of humour and a bond that this world most certainly needs more of.

  • Caleb Serong & Chloe Furnari

    AFL Player Caleb Serong plays for the Fremantle Dockers and at just 20 years of age has already won the AFL rising star award and 2021 goal of the year. He hopes a premiership is next but we think he and his partner Chloe, who is studying psychology and is a pilates instructor, have a fantastic relationship - and they're not afraid to share it.  We thank you both for inspiring sporting fans everywhere to spark conversations around the equality wheel.  

  • Kav Temperley & Beth Temperley

    Kav Temperley is best known as frontman, bassist and multiple ARIA award-winning songwriter of Australian Rock Band Eskimo Joe, performing most recently at the 2021 AFL Grand final. Kav and his wife Beth are co-founders of the Temperley Collective, where they collaborate in creative projects, with other artists in the production of music, podcasts and more (performances). Kav and Beth are passionate about the arts and are continually working towards fostering emerging artists in the community. The couple were an obvious choice as ambassadors for Just Cause given that Kav’s last solo record “All your Devotion” was written as a love letter to Beth. What’s not to want more of?

  • Kelly O'Rourke

    Kelly is Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer at South32. Kelly was instrumental in signing a recent partnership between South32 and the Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence, demonstrating a commitment to supporting women and children affected by family and domestic violence.  While Kelly’s list of qualifications and professional experience is impressive, we think one of her greatest achievements will occur this November with a wonderful addition to her loving family.

  • Sophie McNeill

    Sophie is a journalist, television presenter, author and human rights activist. She is best known for her work reporting from conflict zones as detailed in her book We Can't Say We Didn't Know. Today she is a researcher for Human Rights Watch. Sophie wants to live in a world with more justice.

  • Mercy Cornwall

    Mercy is an actor most recently appearing in Netflix Original Dive Club as Izzie. She holds a degree in law and history. She sings like a bird, writes her own songs and is accomplished on guitar and piano. Mercy is passionate about healthy relationships and with her usual degree of kindness and humility jumped at the chance to be a part of Just Cause to bring awareness to younger generations.

  • Dell Little

    Dell is a Yamaji woman who grew up around Mt Magnet. Dell has previously run a modelling agency and is a lived experience advocate. She wants a world with more opportunities for her four daughters and three grandchildren.

  • Angelina Curtis & Melanie Curtis

    Angelina is a talented songwriter, singer, musician and actress. She has accomplished so much playing the lead role of Ellie in Cherubhead and recently winning WA Music Award's WA Song of the Year in the Under 14's category for her original song Old Land's Tale.  The relationship between Angelina and her loving and dedicated Mum, Melanie, epitomises kindness and respect.

  • Chris Wiese

    Chris is the CFO of Rental Management Australia (RMA) and a qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked in a number of high level property finance and analysis roles. Chris is the brains trust behind a compassionate initiative, in partnership with Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence, to assist women escaping family and domestic violence into safe rental properties. We are so grateful for the kindness and humanity RMA display towards our organisation and commend Chris for his evident determination to  seek more justice and equality in the world.

  • Sue Crock & Steve Vermont

    Sue is a Brené Brown facilitator and former senior project officer at the Mental Health Commission. Sue is passionate about workplace wellbeing, mental health and runs a consultancy business with her business partner Julie. Her partner Steve runs a small music business. Sue and Steve co-parent six children and three grandchildren.

  • Skye Little

    Skye is a high school student who dreams of being a photographer. We would love to see her create a career from her talents both behind and in-front of the camera. Skye wants a world with more opportunities, and to live in a world where she can pursue her talents.

  • Mel Clark, Joe Ottone & Sofia

    Melanie and Joe are owners of a retail business, Remedy. For two decades they have focussed on Australian makers, sustainability and social responsibility. Sofia is a Film and Photography Student and activist being a state organiser for School Strike for Climate and Youth Against Sexual Violence. She would like to be an environmental lawyer.

  • Alexei Tsallis & Steve Tsallis

    Alexei is a strategist and writer who works at Media on Mars. She works with changemakers, researchers, social enterprises and non-profits to help scale their impact. Her portfolio spans several industries including disability, environment, homelessness and housing, health and wellbeing and family and domestic violence. Her dad, Steve, is a draftsperson and small business owner. Alexei and Steve have a great relationship filled with humour. Steve has always been passionate about supporting his children to follow their dreams.

  • Bor Dau

    Bor is a biomedical science student majoring in pharmacology, with an interest in health/medical law and policy. This interest has grown from seeing many disparities in the medical industry, with policies which don't accommodate everyone and biases towards different groups of individuals. She hopes to see a world with more equality and appreciation for diversity.

  • Heidi Gamble & Hudson

    Heidi is proudly described as a powerful woman by her daughter Nikita and we have no doubt grandson Hudson would say the same. Heidi is deeply passionate about supporting women and children affected by family and domestic violence and is a valued donor of time and treasure to the Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence. When Heidi can pull herself away from Hudson, she is Managing Director and Founder of  Embodied Corporate Solutions, a business built on healthy relationships with Heidi exemplifying everything we want more of in this world.

  • Jordan Hill & Maria Scurria

    By sharing a smile to make someone’s day Maria leads by example. Maria is more passionate than most in her advocacy for a happier, kinder, more equal and loving world given Jordan was born at 32 weeks and not expected to live. Jordan missed that memo and lives life to the fullest, winning 2 silver medals representing Australia at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi and earning the title of Western Australian Disabled Sports Star of the Year in 2019.  This mother and son share a very tight bond, laugh a lot and love assisting others in our community. That’s a life with more.

  • Stella Donnelly

    Stella by name, stellar by nature!
    Multi-award winning musician Stella Donnelly was our very first ambassador. Her Aria nominated debut album Beware of The Dogs is critically acclaimed with songs that speak to the heart of Just Cause. Stella is recognised as one of most influential women in Australian music.

    Stella and the team at her management, Jarrah Records, were incredibly supportive of our social enterprise in its debut year and we will be forever grateful for their kindness and generosity.

Our Patricia Giles Centre for Non Violence ambassadors

  • Kirsten Shearn

    As CEO of the largest family and domestic violence specialist in WA, Kirsten’s care and strategic acumen drive our organisation’s commitment to  best practice client services, corporate performance, staff empowerment, social impact and sustainable income generation. Kirsten leads her clan with respect, kindness and an overwhelming passion for equality and justice enabling the achievement of ground breaking prevention initiatives and transformational client service models. We certainly want more of this.

  • Candy Choo

    We welcome the humanity, respect and kindness Candy has brought to the organisation as Chairperson. Candy is the CEO of Local Government Professionals WA and has served on the Board of several WA not-for-profits. Candy holds a Masters in Organisational Psychology and has worked in psychology, Human Resources and risk management roles. Candy is passionate about the opportunities Just Cause provides for our community and fully supports a world with more healthy relationships, shared positive messages and equality.