Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence

For over 30 years, the Patricia Giles Centre for Non‑Violence has been providing an expert range of services for women and children escaping and affected by family and domestic violence. Its services include safe accommodation, a family violence co‑ordinated response service, family and domestic violence hub Wandjoo Place, outreach services incorporating the Safe at Home and housing support programs, women and children’s counselling and group programs.

Breaking the cycle of violence is what drives the ambitious team, guided by an innovative strategic plan that is aligned with Western Australia’s '10-year Strategy to Reduce Family and Domestic Violence' and '10-year Strategy on Homelessness'.  Peer and community feedback continue to confirm that the Centre's expertise, thorough research and determination are powerful in effecting their pursuit of longitudinal community change. Just Cause is one example of the Centre's innovation as a leader in family domestic violence prevention.

Remedy Store

In 2020, Melanie Clark, co-owner of Remedy stores, selling beautiful predominantly Australian made creations that are low impact on the planet and the people making them,  was compelled to action after hearing more tragic news about family and domestic violence. Inspired by the innovative work of Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence she spoke with CEO Kirsten Shearn. Together they came up with a concept to create awareness. With the insights of social change design agency, Media on Mars and PGCNV Philanthropy Manager, Cath McGregor, the concept evolved to become the Just Cause social enterprise you see today. 

You can find out more about Remedy here,

Media on Mars

Media on Mars are a social change design agency who have been working with changemakers for 25 years. Their work crosses multiple sectors from disability, environment, education, health, indigenous issues, family and domestic violence and other social justice industries. They work with varied partners from non-profits and social enterprises to researchers or government departments. 

We are so appreciative to all the other organisations and individuals who have helped bring Just Cause to life :

Sourc. Studio 

Adelphi Beauty 


Tracey  TL Creative (Tracey Laing- Hair) 


Marcus Wong Photography 


Jeremy Tan Photography (2021)

Djurra, Lifestyle Hair Salon and Spa (2020)

Tiffany, Jarrah Records (2020)

Sabine Albers Photography (2020)

Sarana Haeata (2020)