What is Just Cause?

Just Cause is a social enterprise that has established itself as a positive, solution focused brand for the Patricia Giles Centre for Non-Violence, encompassing a growing suite of innovative prevention initiatives.

The Just Cause community awareness and prevention campaign is centred around the annual International 16 Days of Activism campaign commencing on 25 November and concluding on 10 December,  it exists to spark conversations around the prevention of family and domestic violence. The messaging for 2021 has been strategically positioned to engage a wider audience by showcasing the importance of healthy relationships, what they look like and how they are linked to the need for more kindness, equality, respect, humanity and justice in our society. 

People often distance themselves from family violence – in reality, we all know people in unhealthy relationships. Just Cause encourages people to celebrate healthy relationships and to model behaviours they would like to see more of in the world. These behaviours include speaking up when they witness abuse in any form and recognising the early signs of family and domestic violence.